10lbs down!!!

So to date I am 10lbs down. It’s been 3 weeks and I feel mentally better. Physically my pants and stuff are still tight but to know that it’s actually coming off makes me feel great! I’m having fun making healthy things as well, food wise. My next focus is going to be getting some exercise. I’m doing more walking during the day and taking the stairs when I can, but I really need to get back to the gym and with warmer weather coming I’ll be able to get outside! -20lbs here I come!

It takes time…

“It takes time to change your body and only a split second to change your mind.”

I heard this on the Biggest Loser tonight and it really hit home for me. One bad day or even one bad meal can change my outlook and bring me so down. I need to realize that i’m going to fail and i’m going to eat pizza but I can’t let myself think that I am defeated just because I messed up. Mistakes happen and I’m going to make a lot of them, getting past it is going to be the hardest part but I am ready to start doing it!!

Feelin’ good about the week!!!

I am feeling good about this week. I feel motivated and driven!!! I just wanted to share a couple things I have planned for dinner for the week . Marinated portabella mushroom “burgers” on a sandwich thin with roasted red peppers and olive oil mayo with fresh garlic. Also, stuffed peppers and I will be using Quinoa instead of rice,a little sauce(prego has a lite sauce), sauteed mushroom and red and yellow peppers with ground turkey. No cheese on top, just a sprinkle of parm. cheese! We had salmon with brown rice tonight.

 The Biggest loser is on tonight and it is make over week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m back!

Wow I can’t believe I found this site again!!! It’s probably been about a year and a half! Life got busy and I fell off the radar…and off the wagon!!! I was sitting here searching for some sort of motivation and thought, “what about that site I used to be a memeber of and lost weight being a part of??” So I googled and googled and BOOM I found you!!! I didnt even have to put in my password because it auto logged me right in! YAY!

So, yes, I fell off the wagon(more like a cliff) and I am ready to get my weight back under control. I gained about 50lbs since this last Summber. I can’t say I don’t understand why, becuase I do! I got married and got lazy. Plain and simple. It started before I got married in September though, planning an entire wedding on my own was stressful and I had NO time for the gym. After the wedding was the Honeymoon…after that was gloating about being a new wife. After that came pregnany, a pregnancy that I lost and weeks of not knowing where to go from there. I know where I need to go now and that is back to the gym and back to the old me who ate nothing but healthy!! I want to be the girl that signs up for every 5k event and the girl that was so confident and actually fit in her clothes!!!’

I have a long way to go, even father than before but I am ready to get it done. I need motivation and need to get rid of my cravings for CRAP FOOD!!


I finally have something to PUSH ME in losing weight!!! I have 13 months to slim down!!!!!!!! Over the weekend my BF proposed!!!!!!!!!!! I know exciting right???? I AM ON CLOUD NINE!!! I will NOT be a fat bride!! I WILL look amazing on my wedding day!!!! We are having an October wedding with all the pretty leaves and fall time decorations. I really have to do it this time. I can’t be a wimp…it’s going to be hard..there are going to be days when I say “he loves me for who I am..so oh well.” There are going to be days when I want a cookie(like today) but I just have to say no…plain and simple…NO, HELL NOOO. That’s life girl, if you want to look good you have to give up all the shit you eat that has made you this way!!!!! I am about 30lbs down and only 70 more to go.

 I am really excited to share this experience with everyone. YOUR GUNNA WATCH ME SHRINKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

 LOL thanks for listening to my blabber!!!

Where is natalie?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Natalie’s profile is gone….it says she doesnt exist…? Did she cancel her page? I hope not!! She was such an inspiration and a motivator with her pictues and weight loss!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh COME BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LOL!

Why can’t I add pictures to my page?

I have been trying to add pictures to my page, but they don’t seem to work. I went to “edite” on my pagte, I added the URL, and it just shows up as the URL.

 Can someone help me =( yall have cute pages.

Question about food tracker

For some reason stuff keeps vanishing from my “favorit foods” list. Is there only a certain amount of stuff you can have in there? I eat greek yogurt everyday and today I went to my drop down and POOF it was gone..I was like WTH!! This is driving me nuts!!!


So about 15min ago we had an aftershock of an earthquake!!!!!!!!! I was sitting here at my desk, minding my own business and all of a sudden the whole building was swaying!!!! At first I thought I was really dizzy…but then I realized my drink and stuff were moving with me lol. So I stood up and walked down the hall to my co-workers office and another lady came out of her office screaming “earthquake we have to get out of here…” So of course it scared the CRAP out of me….gave my manager heart palpatations(sp). After a few min. it stopped but now sitting in my office I am cracking up LAUGHING OUT LOUD about this lady running down the hall screaming earthquake…so random.

 WE did not have an earthquake, we were just getting the aftershock of an earthquake in VA. From what I have been informed it was a 5.8. I hope and pray for everyone in Virginia.


So yesterday I went to the fair. I had a lot of fun with my hunny. We walked and walked and walked all over the place and seen all the vendors and animals. I felt soo good walking OUT of the fair without cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake, fried this…fried that. I had water and Italian ice. It was 90+ degrees so I decided NO FOOD and I just wanted something cold to cool me down. I was really happy with my control over all that food. So I was on top of the world when I left and felt really good….UNTIL this morning. OMG I want to cry…..I had Chris(my hunny) take a picture of me with this one cow that was soooo cute and sweet and loving. All he wanted was to love up on me. So anyways…I sent the picture to Facebook from my phone and I wish I didn’t. Have you ever looked at a pic and said, “omg I look like that??????????????” AFTER LOSING 34 LBS I STILLLLL look that bad??????? Man…. I will put the picture in this blog. I don’t know if it was the shirt, or what..but when I look in the mirror I guess I don’t see what a picture shows…It makes me so sad, upset, ANGRY, disapointed in every time I “slipped” up. I am setting this picture as my desktop so that everytime I open the computer I see what I look like so I don’t mess up. I can’t even imagine what I was looking like at 278….I never kept pictures or even took pictures because I knew I looked awful. SO here is the picture that is going to help me turn things around, I hope…..

So there it is. I am SOOOO embarassed to show you guys…

 I gotta change. I can’t live the rest of my life hating my body and afraid to take pictures….this isn’t a way to live. I’m so restricted in the activities I can do. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somethings gotta give……

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